01 01

Light plan up to ¥ 37,000 / 3 hours

Please use it for seminars within 3 hours, store photography, small record photography, etc.!

02 02

Regular plan up to ¥ 57,000 / 5 hours

Studio shots, portraits, shots, etc.

This is the most requested plan.

03 03

Master plan
From ¥ 77,000 to 7 hours

Thorough relationship plan! I will go out with you for a day and shoot!


Free event plan

Price is decided according to the contents!
Profile shooting within 1 hour, such as ¥ 15,000.

First-time users! Also, those who want to call a cameraman at an event such as a recital but are worried about the price! Please feel free to contact us!

What is included in the shooting fee

○ Photographing fee

○ Shooting equipment costs (camera clip-on strobe, etc.)
○ Editing after shooting (adjustment of brightness and hue, etc.)
○ Face-to-face meeting (transportation fee will be charged separately only once)


Things not included in the shooting fee

○ Parking fee 

If you use a pay parking lot when visiting by car, you will be charged an additional parking fee.

○ Miscellaneous expenses

A separate fee will be charged for the use of studios, facilities and goods.

○ The night before and the night after

This is the room rate required for shooting in a distant place or for a shooting schedule in the early morning and late night.

Same-day extension fee 

This fee is required to extend the restraint time on the day of shooting. We will support you for an extension of 10,000 yen (excluding tax) per hour. Regarding the extension of the restraint time on the day, we will respond only when there is no next schedule.

Cancellation fee / Schedule postponement fee

If you request cancellation within one week from the shooting date, you will be charged the cancellation fee according to the cancellation policy. Even if it is postponed, it will be treated as a cancellation.


cancellation policy

A "cancellation fee" will be charged for cancellation after the photo is confirmed.

In case of postponement, a "postponement fee" will be added to the invoice after shooting.

○ Free at least 8 days before shooting

○ 50% of the estimated amount from 1 week to 4 days in advance

○ 70% of the estimated amount from 3 to 2 days ago

○ 100% of the estimated amount from the day before shooting to the day of shooting

○ If the shooting schedule is canceled due to user reasons or weather reasons, a cancellation fee will be charged.

○ The cancellation fee will be calculated based on the date when the user requested the postponement of the original shooting date.

○ Users are requested to transfer the cancellation fee to the designated account within one week from the issue date of the invoice.

○ If the estimated price includes the ticket price for hotels, bullet trains, and planes, we will discuss it after discussion.

Deferred payment (invoice payment) method

It supports post-payment.

(Only for corporations. For sole proprietors and individuals, please pay on the day of shooting)


Precautions regarding shooting charges

○ The shooting fee will be estimated including the "restraint time". It also includes equipment preparation time after arrival and movement / waiting time during shooting.

○ "Restriction time" will start after arriving at the site. Travel time from here to the shooting site is not included.

○ When shooting multiple sites at once, the travel time between sites is also calculated as the "restraint time".

○ Even when shooting stops due to a meal break, etc., it is counted as "restraint time", but it is not necessary to prepare meals and break time during the restraint time.

○ Regarding the extension of the restraint time after the shooting time is confirmed, we may not be able to respond due to the schedule of the day.

○ The price does not change depending on the number of shots.

○ Transportation expenses will be charged separately.

○ Depending on the amount of shooting equipment, we may bring in the equipment by vehicle.

○ For large-scale projects such as nationwide and overseas business trips, the charge may change depending on the distance and time, so please contact us separately.

○ If it takes more than 1 hour and 30 minutes to travel from Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, a long-distance business trip will be incurred. Please contact us separately.

○ It is also possible for multiple cameramen to handle it. (Charge for the number of people will be charged. In addition, we may not be able to handle it. Please contact us in advance)

○ Estimated prices for hair make-up and interviewers may change depending on the number of people and the content.

○ The manufacturer and model number of the shooting equipment are not specified.

○ There is no increase in late-night charges.

○ The listed charges do not include tax.

○ After confirming the notification of the final request by e-mail etc., the official schedule will be secured.

○ Even if the shooting is completed earlier than the expected restraint time, the estimated amount will be charged.

○ If you cancel after confirming the photo shoot, a "cancellation fee" will be charged in accordance with the cancellation policy.